October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I don't have any Halloween pics yet, saving those for tomorrow. But here are a few pics from the Breast Cancer 5k today. And I must admit, as embarrassing as this is. I'm a little sore. I really haven't walked a lot or exercised since having Lyla. But I made it and without breathing hard! :) My friend Alicia organized it in honor of her Mom and her Grandma. They made a shirt for her mom that said, I saved the ta-ta's! It was super cute! Here's a group picture!

Then here is a picture of Lyla, my friend Alicia and her daughter, Tayla, and myself. Tayla and Lyla are only 9 days apart. We were college roommates for a year and we also had the same due date!

And I had to post this picture because it was just to funny! This is Clay, Alicia's hubby! He ran the 5K while us girls walked!

And Lyla and I. Not really a great picture, though! But I'm loving her new hat. I ordered it from Etsy and I'm in LOVE with it! How cute!

More Halloween pics to come tomorrow! I was up until 11:30 doing Lyla's costume and I think you'll love it! :) Have fun tonight!!
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