October 28, 2009

Halloween day 3

If you look at the post below this, I just posted for yesterday. I was little miss cranky pants last night and so I went to bed as soon as Lyla laid down. Which of course was only for 40 minutes (remember, she hates sleep) then she came to bed with me for a bit and we finally got back to sleep. Anyways, I never got around to posting the pictures to go with the post so I just published it a little ago.

The picture for today wasn't all that great. But there was a reason behind that. She spit up all over her outfit and managed to have a horrible blowout. So no bow. Again. Hopefully tomorrow, given she doesn't get poop everywhere again. This was probably my favorite outfit, too! O well. We are now in our pjs and enjoying it!!

The hubbs is at B-ball so it is just Lyla belle, Reese and I hanging out tonight. The song Party in the USA just finished playing on my MP3 player so we just finished a little dance session! :) I see dancing in her future!!

Well I'm off to enjoy more time with Lyla tonight. Have a great night!
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