October 13, 2009

Look at our big girl!

Even though she won't technically be using it for a while, Miss Lyla got to use her highchair for the first time last night. I told Sean that whenever we had a baby I wanted to start eating dinner together at the table. Not in front of the TV, which we did way to often. Like every.single.night. So now that Lyla is here and becoming more alert we are going to start eating at the table together. Starting with last night!! She looks so big sitting in the high chair.

Tonight we'll do the same thing. I'm making chicken cacciatore because it's my new favorite dish! Then after supper it's time to get things ready for the rest of the week because...

I'm back to work.

Yes. It would be smart to invest stock in Kleenex. Tomorrow is going to be hard on me! We actually went this morning and visited with our daycare and met the other kids. Lyla is going to be surrounded by girls! There is only 1 boy in the daycare! There is one other little girl that is about 2 months older than her. Then the rest are between 1 1/2 and 4. They all seemed very interested in her! The downside was almost everyone there had runny noses or coughs. I'm not ready for her to be sick, and hopefully since she's a breastfed baby she won't get sick or not nearly as sick! There have been 2 confirmed cases of swine flu in the Victoria schools (that I know of) and I'm guessing that there's more than that!!! Hopefully if people feel sick they just stay home from work/school and not get others sick. I'm not sure why people have a hard time doing that! Common sense, right?

Well I'm off to pack her bag for daycare tomorrow and pick out clothes! You know she has to have a cute outfit, right?! Don't cha worry... pics to come! :) Have a wonderful evening!!

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  1. Hey Andrea....good luck tomorrow i will be thinking of you. Can you send me the chicken cacciatore recipe when you get a chance it sounds wonderful! have a lovely evening! :)


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