October 19, 2009

A quickie

This post will be quick as we are all tired, crabby or sick around here!

Lyla had her 2 month wellness check and she checked out great. She weighs a whooping 10 lbs 6 ounces. She gained a whole 3 pounds since birth. 4 if you count the pound she lost in the hospital. She also is 22 inches long now! And she has a big noggin. She's in the 90th percentile for it!! And 50th percentile for weight!

She's doing great with her developmental milestones and pretty much is just perfect! She did have to get her shots! Poor thing only cried a minute or two and then fell asleep like that!! When I picked her up from Deb's she was a little crabby and it continued at home until we took a nice little nap, the both of us!

Sean's still kicking it but barely. His fever is down but he's still coughing his head off, has the sore throat, and is all stuffed up! He's a little better, thankfully!

Well the crabby one is crying and the sick one is coughing so I'm off!!!

Healthy wishes to everyone!!
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