October 22, 2009

Still sick :(

We are just one sickly little family!!! I ended up spiking a temp in the middle of the night that lasted until around 1 today. Sean ended up coming home today from work because of his cough. So, as a family, we spent all down lounging on the couch either whining (me), or coughing (Sean and Lyla). I feel a little better but definitely not quite over this crud. Yuck. I think Seany boy is feeling better as well. We'll get there sooner or later!

So I've been bored today which ended up with me figuring out how to re-do my blog. Whatcha think? I'm in love. But that's just me! Opinions, please! :)

If you could say a quickie little prayer that we become a healthy family soon that would be great. I have a few photography sessions this weekend that I *need* to be better for.

Here's to no more sore throats, no temperatures, and no coughing!!

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  1. I think it looks good. Miss Lyla is just cute!


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