May 17, 2009

Green beans and dumplings

Ok, so that may be what I'm craving at this moment and it is something that we don't have. But we do have green beans so that may have to do.

Anyways, I've been lacking in the blogging department for a day or two. We have been super super busy! 2 good friends of ours come to Hays on Friday for graduations so Friday we went with one of em' (Craig) to Gella's for supper and drinks (minus the drink part for me, even though I wanted a lemon ale really,really bad! Really bad). Well we ended up staying for 3 hours!!! Then we headed to another friend's house and got to see the other friend that come up (Conor). We hung out with them for a while and finally around midnight we ventured home. I was one tired cookie considering my bedtime is normally 9:30 (which happens to be in 15 mins). Saturday I had a photo session and then we had 2 graduation parties to head to. Sean was busy planting our garden so I headed to Kayla's sans Sean! Happy Graduation dear!!! Then later that evening we went to our friend's Kelly's graduation party! Both were a good time, and it was fun hanging out with friends!

Then today we went to lunch with Craig before he headed back to Colorado. Afterwards we went to Home Depot, Orschlens, and True Value. We are doing a ton of work to our back yard (nothing too crazy). So today we got some fence planters and flowers today. Sean even put them up for me and they look awesome! Over Memorial Day weekend we are going to be doing some painting to the deck area, staining the deck, planting more flowers, etc. We are also going to put up a retaining wall along the fence and putting some more flowers in there. And our biggest, awesomest thing is we are doing is making a water feature! I'm so excited! I'll post pics of course! Well, I have a busy week including turning 28 weeks tomorrow! Which means we have our sono and appt on Thursday and I can't wait! Also, Friday is crown molding day and then it's house work for the next 3 days!

OH, and I ordered the baby's crib and changing table and it'll be here sometime this weekend! And for more exciting baby news, head to my friend's blog to read her exciting news!

Double OH! Awesome news for the Rodger clan! We paid off our credit card this past Friday!!! How exciting is it to no longer have credit card debt!?!?! I'm soo excited!!

Ok, that's enough exciting news. I don't want you to go into overload so I'll save some info for later!! Hope you had an awesome weekend like we did!! :)

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