May 25, 2009

29 weeks!

I can't believe it... holy moly folks. These weeks are starting to fly by. AHH... (that is me NOT panicking.)

Sean and I had a very, very busy weekend but we managed to get a ton of stuff done including... drum roll please... putting together the baby's room! We now have a crib, changing table, end table, and an amoire (is that spelled right?). I once thought that the room was a nice size but the more furniture I put in there, the smaller it gets. Sean and my dad also put up the crown molding on Friday so Sean painted that and the ceiling last night, so it's looking good!! We arranged the furniture and then rearranged it again, and then probably even once more, but I think I've finally decided on locations for everything. If you don't know me, well, then you should know I'm picky and my husband loves it! We have an open spot for a rocker/glider I'm hoping to get and then all the main furniture should be in there. Then it's just the decor and then a baby would be nice! :) Sean was a trooper putting the crib together. It came with retarded directions and with pieces labeled wrong or the same as something else, etc but in the end it was too bad to put together. I even helped (Internet high five for me please) and we got it done in about an hour and a half. The changing table was much easier thankfully and only took us about 30 minutes! It looks really good and I'm so glad we decided to go with the expresso. I'll post pictures soon, once I get more things in there.

We also revamped out back entrance way outside and must say prince charming did a fabulous job! And I think it should be said that I did a fabulous job going to home depot, spending lots of money, and picking cute flowers. He got it done in a couple of hours and it totally changed the look of everything. We still have to stain our deck, put up a new fence thing and get a water feature but for right now, it's looking good!

Well we are off to enjoy Memorial Day with family and awesome food! I made this pasta salad and it's FABULOUS. I secretly hope no one likes it so I can eat it all. Not kidding.

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  1. Since I know you are planning on me being the one to point it out...I will. Yep, you spelled it wrong. ;o)


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