May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to....

My prince charming!!!

Yesterday was Sean's 31st birthday!!!!! Except he is denying the fact that he is turning 31 and insists that he is still 30 and is now going backwards. So next year he'll be 29, then 28, etc until he gets to 24 then he thinks he'll go back up to 30 and then down to 24 again. Get the idea? He's refusing to get older than 30. Whatever floats his boat.

Today is my baby shower so I should have lots of pictures to show off! I'm super exited for it and to see everyone. I'm sorta, kinda, maybe a registry stalker so I'm excited to see what I get! My momma came up yesterday and we spent 3 hours putting together shower favors! They turned out great though! Sean is headed to his own "Baby Shower" today. He's playing golf with a friend and is calling it his baby shower! Any excuse for him to play golf!

Nothing else too exciting this weekend! We are taking it easy since Sean is leaving on Thursday for 4 days for South Carolina!

Well I'm off.... Peace.
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