May 21, 2009

Miss Baby Jay

Good news! Everything looks great! Baby Jay is weighing in at 2 lbs 8 oz. My placenta moved so I no longer have a low-lying placenta which means no more pelvic rest. I also now have the chance for a natural birth. Her heartbeat was 136, again! We didn't get any good pics during our sono but we did get a cute one of her foot and her big toe is huge compared to the rest of the toes! She is head down, face down and her butt is on my right side and her feet are on the left! We got to see her suck her thumb and play with her toes! It was so cute! Her face was smashed into my placenta so we didn't get any good face shots. Oh, and for the not-so good news. I gained a whooping 10 lbs! Holy Moly, no more swiss cake rolls for this mamma. I was flabergasted whenever I got on the scale. So I've gained a total of 21 lbs and only 2 1/2 is baby. Yikes. Our next appointment is in about 3 weeks (June 8th) and I'm guessing I'll go every 3 until 34 weeks then 2 weeks then every week, or something like that! It should help make time fly by. Oh, and I learned that he won't let me go later than 41 weeks so our daugthers birthday should be no later than Aug 17th (13 weeks!)She might be sharing a birthday with her Aunt Renee (Aug 14th)! Or maybe her sister Reesie (Aug 5th) or if she comes a little earlier than her Papa Gary. It's a busy birthday month! I know we also have some August birthdays on my side as well, so there could be a chance she'll be sharing with someone!

My dad is heading this way tomorrow and Sean and him are going to put up the crown molding and the molding in the hallway! I'm sooo excited for this! Oh, and the crib and changing table came today so I'm hoping we can put that up tomorrow night too!!! So much baby excitement! Well I'm off! Tootles!


  1. I can think of someone else who would be happy about being off of pelvic rest.....
    10 pounds, damn!
    Ha! Shower coming up! Get excited!

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