May 12, 2009

A cousin to the cankles...

is what I'll call my ankles. They aren't quite cankles yet but definitely swollen. Swollen enough that I now have impression lines from my socks. And if you touch it, it's squishy. You might say I had a MINOR pregnancy breakdown tonight once I found that out. But it was quickly cured by putting my feet up and watching my DVR'd One Tree Hill. Ah, the life. Here's a picture for some proof. I'm gonna be one swollen girl come August if my ankles keep this crap up.

Then my lovely husband BBQ'd for us tonight. Whenever the food was done he said, "Aren't you going to take a picture of my meal"? He likes to make fun of me for taking wierd pictures of things, then blogging about it. It happened to be quite delicious though!!! Thanks baby!

Oh, and Tara reminded me that I forgot to blog a picture of my first of many diaper bags!! This happens to be super cute as well! Of course, right?
ETA: I actually wrote this last night, but for some reason blogger was being dumb. And I don't have must to report tonight. But I will have some craft projects to show off soon! :) Oh, and a picture of Reesie b/c she's super cute, too!

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  1. Hey, I take pictures of my food and blog it. Tell Sean he's the weirdo. Nice diaper bag, doesn't even look like one! Probably the best kind! Your cankles don't look too bad but they might get worse. Man, the girl I work with must have like the most perfect pregnancy. No morning sickness, no swelling (just a basketball belly, well now it's bigger and stuff but she's due in like 10 days). Seems like all she's ever complained about is being tired.


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