May 1, 2009

A little tidbit

I love my husband, really I do. But...

the boy drives me insane. Every night he tucks me into bed, gets me water if I need it, kisses goodnight. You get my drift.

Well last night, he went to bed before me (which rarely, rarely happens). But of course he had to do it in "Sean" Fashion.

S:Can you come tuck me in.
A:Are you serious?
S: I do it for you.
A: Laughing... ok, let's go.
S: Wait, I have to pee.
A: Fine, go pee.
S: (Walking back to the bedroom) Wait, I have to take my eyeballs out.
A: Ok. (Laughing)
S: Ok, I'm ready.
A: Ok, well goodnight, I love you.
S: I want to talk.
A: Laughing... about what?
S: Life. Tell me how much you love me.
A: Your a dork. Goodnight.
S: No really, I want to talk. (This boy never talks.)
A: I love you. Goodnight. Kiss.
S: Don't forget to let Reese out.
A: Ok. I won't.
S: Leave the door open in case Reese wants to come back in.
A: Ok. I love you.

So something to that degree was our conversation last night. Why am I telling you this, you might wonder.

Because I do it to him EVERY NIGHT. I was laughing so hard b/c once it was turned around on me, it was annoying. He was being a pain. I got a dose of my own medicine.

Now the question is... Will I stop? Nope, probably not. It's just my anal self making sure I cover all my basis!

But I sure am cute!
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