May 26, 2009

My sweet husband

You should probably all know that I have the greatest husband. Ever.

You should probably also know that I have an infatuation with swiss cake rolls.

And lastly, you should also know that my husband likes to speak before he thinks.

Tonight we were eating dinner and Sean asks for desert. I told him if he went and got the stuff for it, I'd make it. Then I said "well, if you are going to the store, pick me up some swiss cake rolls". He tells me that it's not healthy for me and that he doesn't want me to become a...

Fat Haggard Wife.

Nice. Huh?

Just because I happen to love swiss cake rolls and I just happened to have gained 10 lbs at my last appt, doesn't mean I'm going to end up a Fat.Haggard.Wife.

Oh, how I heart him.
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