June 30, 2013

KK's baby shower!!

 This weekend myself, Sonya and Kayla's cousin, Jess, hosted a shower for Kayla's baby girl! I did a pink and grey chevron theme - love me some chevron - and it overall turned out pretty cute! She got some great gifts and is set for their little girl to arrive! She's due the beginning of August, but my guess is she is going to have a late July baby! Guess we will see! :)

I was sorta busy so I didn't get many pictures at all!

Her cake was made by one of the mom in my mom club and she has made all our cakes lately! Super yummy!

 The set - simple and sweet!
 I love the banner I made! :) I thought it turned out pretty cute!

The glowing momma-to-be!
 Cousins! Love these girls so much!

And for the record, yes I look huge. I was told I looked so big for only 25 weeks. Thanks ya'll. Yes, I know I'm big... I was big with my first, bigger with my 2nd, and I'll be even bigger with my 3rd! :) 
Only about 14 weeks of hugeness to go! :)

Kayla and the hostesses!!!
Congrats Miss Kayla! Hope you enjoyed it!
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