June 14, 2013

A few random pictures

 Thought I would post a few random pictures that I don't think I have nor will I get a chance. Most of these were while I had morning sickness so they were just random snaps I managed. I'm pretty impressed I actually picked up the camera some as I felt like I was on my death bed during that time! so thankful that time frame is OVER! 

 This was Cohen's first time having corn on the cob! He loved it!

 This kid also loves to climb. This was back in february and he was obsessed with climbing on the table any chance he got. I probably found him there 10-20 times a day!


Another day of painting!
 In february, Lyla has her first dentist appt! And she did SO good!
 She let them do everything they needed to do, even xrays! And her teeth were looking really good!

 This was rom Lyla's valentine's day party at her preschool! They got to decorate their own cookies! I feel so blessed that I'm able to stay home and attend all these fun times of my kiddos life!

 Just doing a little project while Cohen slept. We made so goo that didn't turn out right! 

Oh, you know, just some nakey pouting at the table. Life is rough when we don't get our way.

I can't get over how young he looks here! There was from february too and one of the rare times he was healthy! And his hair was SO short!
 I love him!

 Love this precious girl too!
Ok, randomness over! :)
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