June 11, 2013

Cohen's smash cake

 So once upon a time I was a super on top of it mom and managed to capture a smash cake session when Cohen turned 1. Well, technically I was on top of it, but when we went to do it around his 1st birthday he ended up sick and grumpy and so we scratched the smash cake. So I wanted to try to do it for his 18 month birthday! Well for his 19th I managed to finally get some! They are not something I am really proud of because I hurried them and Cohen was sick again and grumpy (yet again) so really these pictures are a true statement of Cohen. Between being chronically sick, we have quite a few grump days at our house. And well, I was sick as I can be with baby 3.0 so I wanted nothing more than to just lay on the couch - which I did shortly after the session. I even let Piper to do the clean up work with the leftover pieces of cake! :) 

 See - grumpy. He was actually in a good mood because we started these right after he woke up, but I put on the tie and suspenders and he HATED them, hence the grumpy face. Sure love that face though!

I sure do love me a smash cake session though, even with a grumpy bear! And Cohen has quite the sweet tooth, so I think deep down inside he loved this session, just not what his momma made him wear! :)

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