June 17, 2013

Father's Day ::2013::

 We had a fun little Father's Day around here!  We love our daddy so much! :)

We headed to church, but before we left, I wanted to get a few pictures! The first one is just proof that my kids don't always photograph well! :) I had someone say that my kids always smiled so good for pictures - here's proof that isn't true!

 I love these three so much!! Can't wait for another little girl to complete our family picture!

After church, we went to Carlos O'Kelly's for lunch and then headed home.  My parents came up that afternoon and we then headed to go play putt putt. I think everyone enjoyed it but me! :) It was HOT and this pregnant girl does not like hot! Plus I wasn't feeling the best so that mixed with the hotness didn't make for a fun time for me! But the kiddos had fun and it was Cohen's first time to play! He really had no idea but he loves golf and so he had fun!

 I think Lyla was over the heat as well! She had no interest in taking a picture!

 He takes putt putt very seriously!

After putt putt, we headed home where I layed on the couch and Sean finished up ribs he had made for all of us! Super yummy!

Happy Father's day daddy!!
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