June 6, 2013

Lyla's last day of preschool

May 24th was Lyla's last day of her first year of preschool! She LOVED school all year long and already asks when she can go back.  She won't be going next year and then will start her first real year of preschool the following when she is 5. After advice from others and our own gut feelings, we decided to hold her back one year!

A comparison - She got SO big!

The second semester we took another little girl from Victoria and they became good friends!

I brought some cupcakes and they also had a yogurt bar to finish off the year! 

 Lyla's class (minus a few) and her teacher!
 She loved her teacher, Mrs. Cornelson and we did too! Lyla did so well this year and we are super proud of her! 

 Cohen got to have a little fun with the class too! After class I took the kiddos to McD's to eat and play!

And in a flash went Lyla's first school year! Tear!!  We are blessed with a very good and smart little cookie!
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