June 13, 2013

Messy, messy, messy

 Lyla got this art easel for Christmas and we finally painted with it today! The kids love to use the chalkboard but that is all we ever do with it. So, since it was nice out and not 110 degrees, I let the kiddos finger paint on it for the first time. Cohen was a MESS by the time we were done, but he had so much fun! Lyla on the other hand threw a fit about using her hands to paint and not a paintbrush. But once she tried it, she loved it. My kids are definitely night and day!

If you look close, you'll see she still had tears in her eyes. She can be SO dramatic about some things.

And this little cheese ball. Now whenever he sees the camera he says cheese and normally makes a scrunched nose face, which I adore! I actually got a good one out of him this time!

 Oh my I love him! :)

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