June 5, 2013

It's a...

 GIRL!! :) And we are all so excited! Especially Miss Lyla who said she won't wanted a sister!

 A friend of ours came over and took these for us real quick! Cohen's attention span is minus 2 minutes so I knew he wouldn't pay attention. Plus he loves balloons, so when he saw them, he was only about those!

 I got the box at Home Depot - took it to Party Mart and they filled it will balloons. Love how it turned out but I do wish the balloons would have come out a little better! Once I got home Lyla and I painted the front white and then a chalkboard paint heart! 

 A very happy big sister!
 At our appt that day (I was 20.1) we gave a card to our sono tech you circled what it was.  I've always been pretty certain that I thought I was having a girl. This pregnancy is identical to Lyla's.  Sean said afterwards he was a teeny bit sad he didn't get another boy but it equally thrilled to have another daddys' girl! 
Cohen has no opinion! He wore blue for the shoot because it is the only color he can say! :)

We are super excited that a little girl will be completing our family! She doesn't have a name yet and might have to keep the moniker baby jay 3.0 because Sean and I can't agree! And yes, the shopping for this little girl has also begun! :)
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