June 25, 2013

Miss our Piper girl

 It's been about 3 weeks (I think) since we sent off Piper to her new home! It could be more, but considering I don't even know what day it is today, I'm not sure! :) I arranged for the family to come while I was at a shoot because I knew I couldn't handle being there when they got her. So before I left, we had a quick little session with her!   We are finally to the point where Lyla doesn't mention her every day or where Cohen puts up his hands and says woof, woof!  I however, still think about her every day and have actually gone as far as going outside to call her inside and couldn't figure out why I couldn't find her!

 This is normal activity with Cohen and Piper - wrestling! Good thing she was a patient dog!


 They love her!

It is super strange still not having her! We also really notice her not being here by all the food under the table. Among other things, she did make a good clean up dog! :) 
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