June 7, 2013

Mothers' day 2013

 I had such a great Mother's Day! We started off the day with church and our nephew Hoyt, got dedicated! After lunch to celebrate, our family, my parents and Sean's mom and Nana all met up and we drove to the Rolling Hill Zoo for a day together!

They have a new penguin exhibit and I was SUPER excited to go. Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down with 4 penguins in about a 8 foot encloser.

The kiddos favorite part (and mine too) was the petting zoo part! The kiddos loved getting to feed the animals (me too)!

This is what happens when a random person takes your picture and doesn't know how to work the camera. A off centered picture! :)

 Lyla said her favorite animal was the giraffe and I'm still disappointed we haven't been able to feed them! Every time we go, they don't have the feeding station open!

 All the moms and kiddos! :)

After the zoo, we met up Ty and Kayla in Salina and took our parents to the Hibachi grill (my favorite place to eat in Salina). It is such a fun place to eat! 

So to sum it up, I had a wonderful mothers' day! And I actually felt good and wasn't puking so all was good! :)
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