February 29, 2012

Pig tails

Believe it or not, but today was the first time I have ever put pig tails in Miss Lyla's hair. I'm not a huge fan of pig tails so I've never really had the desire to do it to her hair. At first I left them just hang out and it looked ridiculous (probably the reason I'm not a fan of them) but once I tucked them under and poofed it some, they kinda grew on me. It also helps that she is super cute! so I may just do these again.

This is a daily happening in our house as well. It's the only way I can get her to let me do her hair without her crying or screaming like I'm killing her. True story...but the second you put some sort of electronic in her face the drama stops. Drama queen!

Horrible picture of me, but still to cute of us not to post! Notice the basketball goal in the background?? Sean is starting them young! :) P.S. I really need some sun!

Mr. Cohen - he has been army crawling ALL over the house today.

Mimi came and watched the kids for a while this morning and so I got to get a little work done! It is always nice to work on my computer without a cute little girl say me help too! Oh and I wanted to remember this - If we have to talk to her sternly or even tell her no a couple times, she comes up to us, crosses her arms and tell us in a super sad face to "No, yell at me". It's entirely too cute when she does it, but I see her being a handful here soon. She's getting a little tude' on her!

Lyla's hair after her nap - she's a crazy sleeper! :) Lyla loves to take care of Cohen and was trying to "feed" Cohen.

Told ya, loves him! :)
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