March 2, 2012

Busy day

We has a busy day yesterday. The morning started off with a Mom's Club meeting and then a lunch afterwards at IHOP. I then had a session and had to run a few errands including dropping our loan paperwork off at the bank! Eekkk, so much closer! As of now, if everything goes well, we should be closing March 23rd.
After we got home in the afternoon, we headed outside for a little bit to play since it was so nice! I got out Lyla's bike so she could do a little riding. She still hasn't quite figured out the whole pedaling idea.

Such a happy little boy (when he wants to be!)Then we went on to some sidewalk chalk!

She was over the pictures!
I made a new recipe I got off of Pinterest and it was Not sure I'll try it again.

Love him...even with tons of drool and snotty nose! Also, this little boy has decided to start pulling up to things on his knees. He did it a few times last night. Um, no thanks little boy. You are growing to fast!

After supper, Sean asked Lyla what she wanted to do. I believe he chimed in with basketball and I chimed in with princess dress-up! Guess who won! :) Doesn't he look puurrttty? :)

Dolling up daddy!

Love them!

This little boy is now everywhere. So far this morning he's army crawled his way from the living room, to the bathroom and into Lyla's room and everywhere inbetween. He's my go go go baby.

Today is a lazy/productive day? Can that be true? Basically pjs and getting things caught up around the house. We have a relatively lazy weekend except for a few photo sessions for me! Sean wants to start packing but I'd like to wait until the bank appraisal and inspections are done and good. Given we live in a 100 year old house I'm afraid they are going to find something expensive to fix! Fingers crossed that they don't.
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