February 16, 2012

::Love:: Day

I'm not a big Valentine's day person! It's a sweet holiday and all but I don't believe you should dedicate just one day to showing someone how much you love them. You should show those you that you love, that you love them everyday. But like I said it's a sweet holiday and I'll use any excuse to show extra love to my kiddos and hubby!
We wrote each of the kids a letter and then Lyla got a stroller and a Clifford book and Cohen got this hippo toy and a monster book. Both toys were a hit!

I dropped the ball on a Valentine's shirt for Lyla but had this onesie for Cohen! Isn't he a sweet little Valentine? He just started sitting up really well and can sit for quite some time. I can't believe he'll be 6 months in about a day and a half!

I love my little valentine(s)! :)

For Sean and I, I put a $5 limit on our gifts! I wanted to see what Sean could do with that! I made him a hand and footprint picture of both the kiddos (thanks to Pinterest) and he got me a package of Lofthouse cookies! He kid knows I love sweet! ;) But...then he pulled a fast one a also got me a gift certificate for a massage! Sweet thing is he! ;)
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