February 23, 2012

Love him

These pics are horrible quality, but to cute not to share. I just love this sweet boy!

I'm having a hard time with him getting older. With Lyla, as a first time parent, I was so excited for her to do new things, and essentially grow up. With Cohen being 6 months old, I'm realizing just how much stuff he is going to begin doing in just a short more 6 months. He'll be crawling soon. He'll be babbling words, using a sippy cup, pulling up, etc. Truth is, I baby him way more than I ever did Lyla. With Lyla, Daddy does most of the babying towards her while I'm the disciplinary one.
I just want him to stay sweet and little... forever.

When he gets really excited he smiles like this...

6 months is proving to be a busy month for him. So far he has started scooting which has now turned to army crawling and has gotten 2 teeth all the way through and the 2 more that have broken the surface. My little boy is getting way to big, way to fast. Next thing I know he'll be off to college! And married. With kids. Ugh. I need a bubble for him. To keep him little forever!

I Love you Mr!
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