February 22, 2012

Picky eater

Lyla has always been a great eater! And for the most part, she still is! Well I made fettucine for dinner and Lyla normally loves noodles. Well that night, she decided that she didn't like it. We told her that she needed to take at least 2 bites of noodles and then she could get down. We pretty much had the kitchen cleaned and she still wouldn't eat it and kept saying she didn't like it. So for about 30 minutes she sat there and would scream every time we tried to get her to eat them. We tried everything and nothing worked!

Well the girl is stubborn because we finally gave up after the 30 minutes. She did try to take a bit and made her self gag and she spit it out. She's a good drama queen.

The funny part about this is that I ate leftovers of this tonight and guess who wanted a bite...and then more...and more...and more?!?!
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