February 28, 2012

Lately happenings...

Apparently I haven't been good about blogging lately! Nor have I been good at taking pictures of my own kids. Even with my "slow" season here right now, I've actually been quite busy, which has been a blessing!

So what has been going on....

- Sean just finished playing his rec 3 on 3 league and now started up a rec volleyball team in Russell. I must say basketball is much more interesting and enjoyable to watch. I have a hard time paying attention to the volleyball game whenever we go and watch! Besides that, he is training for a 1/2 marathon in April, so he's been plenty busy.

- I've been busy with my photography and keeping a float around the house. I've had high hopes for doing so many more crafts but the 2 kids keep me busy enough. I've been doing a few special orders for some friends, so its been nice getting to do some crafts. I too signed up for a 5K and need to get to running more. I have about 6 or 7 week until the race. I have not been motivated to workout but considering I still have baby weight to lose, I really need to get on that. Exercising has always given me more energy - now I just need to find motivation to get it started! :)

- Lyla has been so fun and such a handful at the same time. She is constantly asking questions and is learning so much. The child will finally count to 6, which is a plus. But she can be quite the stubborn little thing! Now that she is 2 1/2 I still need to do a blog post on her and take some pictures. Hoping she will get completely healthy soon as she has been fighting an on and off cold/cough since New Years!

-Oh Mr. Cohen - he is getting so big. He officially is army crawling and trying so hard to get up on his hands and knees. I'm not ready for this AT ALL! He is so much busier than Lyla was so that has kept things interesting around here! Not much babbling out of him yet, but I'm sure it'll be here sooner or later. Isn't really into food yet, but I also haven't pushed it like I did with Lyla. I'm making his food like I did with Lyla and need to get a stock pile going on that! He is still fighting a cough/runny nose as well but other than that, he's doing great! Here is a video of his army crawling! ( Don't ya love Ly just relaxing in her baby stroller? She is also eating a cookie that she stole off of the counter without us knowing! (: Stinker!)

- In family news, we are supposed to close on our house and also the house we have a contract on, on March 23rd, given bank appraisals and inspections go well! Considering our house is over a 100 years old, I'm a little nervous, so we are definitely praying all goes well! Sean is a bit sad to move out of this house but I am more than ready. Our little family has definitely out grown our space!! Here is too a new little adventure for our family!

Life is good - We are so blessed!!
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