February 1, 2012

More nakey butts

We spent all day nakey again! The 3 day potty training says that on day two to stay naked all day but go out for an hour in the afternoon with pants on, no diaper. So we did just that. And honestly, yesterday morning was a fail. She only went on the potty once, pooped on the floor - yay, and peed on the rug and the couch. Super fun. However, she woke up dry from her nap and then peed in the potty a little bit later. We delivered dinner to a friend that just had a baby and then went to the bank and then the park for about 20 minutes and she was dry when we got home! And then she decided to use the potty 4 or 5 times...on her own. Not once did she tell us she needed to go and only once did we have to prompt her! :) Yay!

This is one of Ly's favorite puzzles right now. I can't even tell you how much I love Melissa and Doug toys! They are all wonderful and Lyla plays with those the most. She loves to go feeshing for her fishes.

Love her curls! :) Her hair was super curly and full yesterday!

And this guy is being a little stink lately! He is so much busier than Lyla at his age. She was always content. Cohen is NOT! He will sit in the bouncer for a little bit but then when he is done, he's done. He will throw his body and contort himself to get out of that chair.

Hey Seester!
Don't worry, daddy's on catch duty!

And no, don't worry. We don't always make him cry to where he gets like this. I just wanted to document it!

And my favorite moment from last night! :) Aren't they sweet!

And that leads us to this morning. Day 3 of potty training. The rules today are going out for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I am actually headed for a massage so Mimi is in charge of potty training this morning!
But...Miss Lyla did have a great start to her morning. She woke up and I asked her to go sit on the potty and she peed! Great start...hopefully it continues! I also want to video tonight how excited she gets whenever she goes and the celebrating we do! :)
Also on the agenda today, Mr. Cohen has had a cough/cold for 12 days, on and off. It gets better, then worse, a crazy cycle over and over. Well last night he started scratching at his right ear so I made an appointment. Hoping he doesn't have an ear infection - I'm ready to kick the germs to the curb. Oh, and get my sleep back! :)
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