February 22, 2012

Cohen's Baptism

This little boy had a very special day. On Sunday, Feb 19th he got baptized! We are so blessed that family got to celebrate his special day with him!
He got baptized at the church Sean's parents attend and where Sean went to church as a little boy!
I really wanted to go with an old school suit and tie but in the end couldn't find what I wanted. So, he got the normal baptism outfit. He still looked pretty cute!

He did so good with the water - didn't even cry. Which didn't really surprise me because he loves his bath and don't cry when water is poured over him. He may be a swimmer like his Uncle Bro!

Lyla was in Heaven with all her favorite people being in one spot. She didn't quite know what was going on but loved all the attention!

We chose Sean's cousin Tyler and his wife Kayla to be Cohen's godparents and they are the perfect fit. They love Cohen like their own! Tyler and Kayla mean a lot to us and so it worked out perfect!
(Don't they look good with a baby?)

Three Generations!

Our sweet family

Lyla loves Tyler!

Us with Pastor Amy

The cake - it slid off of the base and I didn't want to mess it up with moving it! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the sides because it was my favorite part!

Our gift to him was a dog tag with the verse we have given him. Lyla had one too at her baptism and I had put it on a bracelet. Well jewelry for boys is a lot harder to come by, but I really love how it turned out!My baby! :)

These shoes are the shoes that Sean wore whenever he was baptized!

Uncle Bro and Aunt Kelci with the kids! Lyla spent majority of her time during church playing with them and playing on Uncle Bro's phone. She loves you guys!!

Sonya and Ryan
Don't they look good with kids! ;)We ended the day with going over to Nana's and all of us played cards!! A great way to end a perfect day! Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating with us!
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