February 28, 2012

Pretty kids and messy faces

I've gotten off the track of daily blogging to keep track of our daily happenings. Since I print these out and use them as a scrapbook/journal, I really want to get better at this! So, with that...

One of Lyla's favorite things to do after Cohen's morning nap is climb in his crib and play with him! Ignore the snot running down Cohen's face...it's a daily happening right now! Have I mentioned Cohen is the proud owner of 4 teeth? His bottom front two have come all the way through and the ones on the side of those have started poking through. They all came in one day, on the 20th. And yes, I just got bit today as well. The joys...

Ignore the mess and boxes in her room. We've started packing and sorting some stuff in her room!Her new smile... every time I ask her to smile for the camera, this is what I get?

After we got ready this morning, we headed to Russell and ate lunch at the Elks with Nana - Sean's grandma! We had fun catching up and we enjoyed seeing her! We decided to make it a monthly thing! When we got home, Lyla absolutely refused to nap and Cohen didn't want to fall asleep either, so we all cuddled together on the couch and ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours! That never happens. We slept so late that we were still sleeping when Sean got home from work! It was still fun though, cuddling with my babies! :)

Cohen started giving me kisses today!

I love him ;)

This morning I made Cohen some baby food. I made him some sweet potatoes! And the verdict is that he loved it! Which was a nice surprise, because so far he hasn't had to much interest in food. I also gave him a few puffs to try and he was definitely not impressed with them!

Love them!

And now because we slept so late this afternoon, Miss Lyla is still kicking it! I would love to have 1 child that loves to sleep like I do! ;)
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