February 3, 2012

Past few days...

This week has gone by so fast! And I'm very thankful I took a light week with sessions so that I could concentrate on potty training Miss Lyla. Well....potty training has been AWESOME! I am happy to say that Lyla hasn't had an accident since Tuesday afternoon! She wakes up dry from all her naps, has pottied in a public bathroom and evens goes potty on her own without telling me! This 3 day potty training worked so good! I really couldn't be more proud of her! She has done awesome - hopefully me blogging about her success doesn't jinx us!

Day 1 she didn't pretty good with a few accidents, probably 50/50.
Day 2 morning was horrible... but something clicked in the afternoon and she didn't have an accident all day.
Day 3 she didn't have any accidents and we went to the park in the afternoon with a friend and she was dry the whole time!
Day 4 she had no accidents and we were even in town for 3 1/2 hours, ate lunch with a friend and then home. She pottied in a public bathroom and did awesome. I did put a pull up on her, but she didn't fine - I didn't quite trust her yet. We also went to Russell and picked up Sean's grandma and went and watch Sean play bball and Lyla did great there too!
Day 5- another day of no accidents! So proud of her!

Here's a few pictures from the park! It was so nice this week, minus today and it was great being outside. I even got 2 runs in which felt amazing!

His first time in a swing!

Lyla loves to grab our phones, camera, or the Nook and hide behind pillows. Can you find her?!!? ;)

And this was a blurry picture but to cute, in my opinion! This little boy tried bananas for the first time - and he kinda like them! ;)

Here's to hoping for not to many inches of snow tonight! ;)
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