January 30, 2012

Naked butts & colds

So we have officially hit potty training. Boo - I'm actually kinda sad. This means my baby is really no longer a baby! :( So far she is doing pretty good - we had a few accidents today but overall she has done great! We are doing the 3 day potty training which recommends that they pretty much run around naked all day. This made Lyla's day because she loves to be naked. Or she loves to be naked and just wear slippers...and sometimes a purse. It's a great look for her.

We started off the bat with two accidents and then she pooped in the potty! :) That deserved her a toy and she got a Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up doll. After that she peed in the potty and got to read a book on Sean's Nook. She loves the dang thing and so now her treat for going potty is that she gets to read a book on the Nook. Easy enough! She wouldn't peed before her nap so I laid her down with a pull up on and she woke up dry. Shortly after that I had her sit on the potty and she peed again! She has 2 accidents this early evening but then she started going and sitting on the potty without us prompting or asking if she had to go and went three times this evening! Really it has been pretty easy! We get all excited whenever she goes and have a little dance party which she loves. She then runs around the house naked screaming Yahoo! :) Love her!

This little boy is trying to get over a cold and a cough. During the weekend he had a pretty good cold but it has gotten better. He's been fighting a cough since last week which led to a week full of NO sleep. No bueno for this sleep lover. But last night he slept 10 hours and then went back down for another 2 plus a 1 1/2 morning nap and a 3 hour afternoon nap! So hopefully the rest will get him to feeling better!

Oh, and a little funny about Lyla. She loves anything electronic - phones, computers, the Nook, my Ipod, our phones, etc. Well, Sean had laid Lyla down for a nap Sunday and they had read a book off the Nook. Well he left it in there and I had to go into her room to grab something shortly after Sean laid her down and I found her sitting in her bed playing on it. She was watching something on Netflix. The girl can work that thing better than me! She's also a pro at youtube! :S We also find her hiding behind pillows on the couch playing with the phones. She's a sneaky little thing!
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