January 8, 2012

Go Steelers!

Unfortunately, all the cheering Lyla and I did today didn't help us win... but still very proud of my Steelers! And like I tell Sean...we made it further than the Chiefs! :)

Aren't my Steelers fans adorable? Oh my, I love them!

We had a great day today, minus the Steelers loss. For lunch we headed to Brookville Hotel for Sean's Nana's birthday. We got to see some of our favorite people. Lyla loved getting to see everyone and as always, enjoyed the attention!

Tomorrow Lyla starts her first little dance class! She is doing a Tiny tots tutu class at the Rec center. I have no idea how she will do as she can be really shy, but I hope she does well. Mostly, I'm hoping that I don't have to do the class with her, by her side. Maybe I should take a tutu for me, just in case! :)
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