January 20, 2012

Best friends...

Well it is looking like Lyla is missing Miss Reese more than I thought. Which makes my heart super super sad. Numerous times during the day she asks where Reesie is or asks to play with her, etc. If I ask her where Reese is, she'll say doggie heaven. But still, every day she asks for her. Super sad.
I'm missing Reese as well...even Sean said he is. I've found myself, numerous times, doing something that out of habit for her. Whether it be telling Sean to let her in or asking if she was fed. I had her for almost 5 1/2 years so you just get used to things!
As I don't want to replace Reese, I am looking forward to getting a new puppy and it being Lyla's best friend again. I know she misses playing with a puppy. And I miss having a little dog greet me whenever I come home or sitting on my lap.

This is Lyla's new smile...she closes her eyes! :)

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