January 17, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we all woke up to see that Santa had been there and even drank the milk and ate the cookies we left him! Lyla thought she needed to finish the cookies that were left!

The aftermath! I didn't really get any pictures of us opening, but Lyla enjoyed opening everyone's presents!

How the living room looked afterwards!

Cohen checking out his new toy!

My new camera bag - love!

We then got dressed and headed to Great Bend. We first stopped off to see Max!

Cohen and Aunt KelciLyla and Uncle Bro - she adores him!
Then we opened presents - Cohen helping Pops.

Gigi and Pops got Lyla a box of dress up clothes! She loved it!

Gigi and Cohen

Princess Kelci

A few tries at a family picture

I made their Christmas outfits but it is kind of hard to see. Lyla's shirt was elf shoes and Cohen's was a tie onesie!

Overall we had a great Christmas! Miss Lyla got a tunnel with a tent, legos, books, pj's, a Melissa and Doug cookie kit, a few puzzles, money, a Jayhawk pillow pet, a zebra hat, a little puppy dog that barks, and digital camera. Cohen got a few "boy" toys, books, pj's, a Jayhawk pillow pet, a toy that attaches to my ipod so he can someday play games on it, his name train, Scout the pal dog, and some food things. Sean got a Kindle which ended up being returned and he got the Nook tablet, a cover for his Kindle, gift cards, and PS3 games. I got a camera bag, camera strap, a gift certificate for a massage and foot wrap, a FHSU shirt, a crock pot and a food processor! Overall, we were spoiled! :)
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