January 3, 2012

Mr. Cohen

He's getting SO big and it makes me sad! With Lyla, I was eager for her to start new things, for new developments, etc but with him, I just want him to slow down. He's moving way faster than I expected and I want it to stop! :) He's just so sweet! :)

We got out the jumperoo and he's just a bit too short still! Haha! I had the boppy underneath and also a blanket in the seat part so he would sit up a little higher. He's a short, petite little thing!

Cohen is an only child right now as Miss Lyla is with Gigi and Pops. We were all sick the past few days and so Lyla is getting some one on one attention. And I'm sure she is loving it! I miss her though... it is really weird having just 1 kid. If I felt better, I could be getting a lot done. Instead, I'm enjoying snuggles with the cutest little boy I know.

And because I'm a on-top-of-it kinda mom, you can go back to Dec 18th and read about Cohen's 4 month post that I just put up tonight. Better late then never! That kind of goes with a lot of my blog posts that I need to post!!!!
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