January 16, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve eve, we headed to Hays in the evening to get the kiddos pictures taken with Santa. Lyla actually didn't pretty good...she was scared to death but she didn't have a deathly scream heard by all. She even asked Santa for toys but she was shaking while she was sitting on him. Cohen smiled the whole time and was as happy as can be! Afterwards we went to Applebee's for dinner and then headed home.

Our tradition includes opening 2 presents on Christmas eve eve. They each got a book and pajamas. Normally we would do this on Christmas Eve but we knew that when we got home on Christmas Eve night, they would both be asleep. And they were.

Their new pajamas! Aren't they adorable!

Christmas eve we stayed home til after the Chiefs game (Sean HAD to watch them play) and then headed to Mimi's and Papa's. We all ate and then opened presents. And I forgot to get my camera out so we only video'd everything. That evening we then went to church and headed to Nana's for Sean's side of the family's Christmas.

Sean got Ty's name in the drawing and so I made him a tie to match Cohen's shirt. When Cohen was first born he had one on and Tyler made a comment about it being a cool shirt. So I thought he needed one himself!

The girls! :)

We then headed home and after putting the kiddos to bed, Santa arrived! I LOVE the stockings I got! They were 6 dollar stockings from Wal-mart that I then had embroidered and I LOVE how they turned out!

Santa was here!

Our 2011 family ornament! Lyla got a Mickey Mouse ornament and Cohen got a KU sock monkey one!

And then...
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