April 5, 2011

22 weeks and Guilt

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 22 Weeks Size of baby: Baby Jay weighs about 1 lb and 11 inches long - about the size of a spaghetti squash.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 17 lbs - lost 2 lbs this week with being sick
Maternity Clothes: Pants and some shirts
Gender: Baby Jay is a BOY! Movement:Regularly! Love it! Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good! What I miss: I really want a margarita! Cravings:Water, fruity stuff, Red Robin Symptoms:Crying and peeing all the time. Otherwise, I'm doing really good! Best Moment this week: Meeting baby Max and getting Lyla's new toddler bed and bedding!

On the down side, I'm sick. Super sick. Pretty sure I have bronchitis and a horrid sinus infection as the left side of the face hurts. And probably an ear infection on top of that. I'm off to the doctor here in a bit so hopefully I'll get some relief. I felt like death yesterday and feel slightly better today minus my face hurting which is so bad I can't even sleep.

I was supposed to have my 22 week appt but had to cancel so no updated info on baby jay as of right now. And right now, I'm full of guilt. Mommy guilt, wife guilt, photographer guilt (is that possible?). I can barely function so the past 2 days Lyla has watched way more TV than I'd like. I'm not big on TV for kids so I'm struggling with that. Sean cleaned the whole house yesterday which was a disaster from Lyla getting into everything while I laid on the couch, so I feel bad about that because I'm sure that's not what he felt like doing (he's trying to fight getting sick too). And I'm so overwhelmed with photography stuff right, it's crazy. I have a list a mile long but not the slightest bit of energy to move. It's definitely hard being a sick, pregnant mom of a toddler.

I'm ready for healthy days!

ETA: I was right! Bronchitis, severe sinus infection and left ear infection. Hoping this medicine works soon as I'm ready to feel better!
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