April 15, 2011

Eisenhower 10K

On Sat, April 9th, Sean ran his first 10K. He's been training for it for a few weeks and I'm so proud of him for accomplishing his goal. He had a goal time of 50 minutes and finished it in 49.40.

We went down on Friday evening, got registered and then stayed with the bromance. I don't think either Sean or I slept much and Miss Lyla didn't feel like sleeping much either! My parents traveled done early in the morning and met us at the race!

stretching with daddy!

Getting ready to race...

He's the one in the red in the middle.

Hey, hot runner!

Here he comes! (In the red!)

Crossing the finish line!

We are so proud of you daddy!

Looking at his finished ribbon.

Sean finished 10th overall and finished 1st in his age group! So he did awesome for his first race!

After the race we headed for some breakfast with my parents and then they took Lyla with them for 3 days! It was the first time I've been away from her that long!

After we got ready for the day, we headed to Salina and met up with Ty and Kayla. The boys all went golfing while Kayla and I had a shopping day! Then for supper we headed to a Japanese Steakhouse, which I love going to! Then to finish off the night, we sat out on Ty and Kayla's porch and just chatted! Love them all! We had a great time seeing them all!
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