April 14, 2011

My Birthday!

Yup, this lucky lady is officially 27! And I have no shame in getting older, I honestly love birthdays. Cake, presents, birthday love, cards, time with family... love it all! Unfortunately, this birthday was spent sick. Super sick.

I started feeling yucky on my drive home from Wichita on Friday. By Saturday morning, I managed to clean up and hang out with the fam but wasn't feeling so hot at all. We did go out to eat at Gella's for supper which was yummy. Would have been more fun if I could have enjoyed a lemon ale or two! :)

By Sunday (my birthday) it was full on sickness. I.felt.like.death. We were planning on having a bbq with my and Sean's family but that didn't happen as I didn't feel like spreading my sickness. Your welcome, family. However, my parents had to come up to Hays anyways for some stuff so they stopped by and ate supper with us and entertained Lyla. A happy birthday tune and some cake later, and I was in bed! Happy Birthday to me, huh? :)

My cake! This is actually the first time Sean got me cake that I enjoyed. Every year he gets something I don't like (not on purpose, I don't think :) ). The first year he got a chocolate cake with chocolate icing with chocolate topping. Sound good? Yeah, maybe if I like chocolate! :) The following year he got me a yellow cake with butter cream icing. Not a huge fan of yellow cake or butter cream icing. But this year he did good. White cake with whipped icing. My fav! And decorated in pink was a plus! :)I so don't look great in this picture but I had to have a picture with my girl on my birthday. Swollen face and red nose - thank you sinus infection.
Daddy and Ly got a much cuter picture! Love my two lovies!

And that wraps up birthday 2011! Hopefully next years I won't be sick! :)

Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, cards, texts and facebook messages!
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