April 20, 2011


Nothing much going on around here. We've been quite lazy with this dreary weather. I've been exhausted (thank you baby jay) and kinda in a funk. So we've done a lot of nothing to be honest. Last night we did decorate Easter eggs with my nieces and I'll blog that tomorrow. I still need to do a post on Lyla being 20 months but it hasn't been nice enough outside to snap a few pictures. How can she really be 20 months already, anyways?!?

I'll do a post on Lyla's new room too! For now, just a sneak peek. I'm waiting on a canvas to come in the I designed for her room and also a few other things. Including a dresser that I can't find anywhere! Hoping I'll find one soon! That'll be the last final touch!

She has done so well recently with the transition to her new bed. She now goes right to sleep without much fussing. She hasn't fallen out recently either! :) And now in the mornings, instead of getting up and coming out, she's been playing quietly in her room. Every morning I find a mixture of books and puzzles and random toys on her bed! But this momma gets about 20 more minutes of sleep!

I also want to post about all the goodies I've gotten so far for baby jay. I also need to get my tush in motion and make a few things for him! Oh, motivation, where are you?

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