April 29, 2011

A day with the girls.

I got to watch my girls the other day! I love time with them! We sang songs, braided hair, played with puzzles, got out every toy we own, and fought a lot. Oh and Miss Abi rubbed my feet. She loves her Aunt Andrea !

Miss Lyla is going to have a rude awakening whenever Baby Jay comes. She didn't want to share my time, attention or my lap. Oi vey, the child spent more time in timeout than she ever has. She was naughtier than I've ever seen. Abi enjoyed playing mother hen between Avery and Lyla and pretended to be mom. I think she's got the in charge attitude down pat. Lyla loved all the attention, but after a bit, she had enough! :)

Apparently everyone wants to wear bunny ears!

A rare occasion that Lyla and Avery got along. I think it was shortly after this that they were fighting over the letter P.

I love them! :)

We also played the game Name Baby Jay. Their choices: Baby Oak, Baby Cici, Baby Zucchini, Baby Roasted Potato and Baby Dan. I guarantee that he will not be named any of the above. :)

Oh, and funny story. Abi asked me if they were going to have to cut the baby out again and I was like, "No, hunny. They didn't cut Lyla out". To which Miss curious asked how this baby would come out then. My reaction: Oh yeah, I forgot. They will cut him out! :) I wasn't about to talk about how babies come out if they aren't cut out! That's a questions for her momma and daddy! :) Have fun, Nee!

Love you girls!
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