December 21, 2010

Week 7

If you take one look at my hair and non-smile, I'm sure you could figure out why.... I think morning sickness is thinking of making it's presence. It's not horrible yet, but I'm thinking it is on its way. I'm hungry ALL the time to the point I feel sick, and if I eat, then I feel sicker. It's a vicious cycle, yall. But, don't worry, I'll take one for the team! It's way worth it.

Again, the deformed mirror. I feel like I look bigger this week. And one pair of pants are about to go down the drain. At 7 weeks. Oh my. My mom had my SIL Kelci pick up a belly band for me to use and it has been great! I never used one with Lyla and so this has been great. Thank you to the both of you!

Oh, and just yesterday, I had my first inkling of what I think the baby is. I'm going with boy. Not sure why I think this, but that would be my guess.

And with Lyla we were blessed with being able to have quite a few sono's at the beginning of my pregnancy, so we were able to see her grow from a gummy bear to baby. With this baby, I want to do something different. I think what I'm going to do is try all the old wives tales that I can find and see what that says. Just something for fun.

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