December 8, 2010

FrostFest 2010

Warning: Picture overload!

This past Sunday Sean and I attended Frostfest in Hays for the first time. We went with our friends, the Schneider's. We started down at the Library where the kiddos made gingerbread houses. Actually, I think the guys enjoyed this more than anyone else! They channeled their inner child!
Our group!
Jeff and Kynli

Shannon and Landon
Sean "helping" Lyla!
Our family! :)
Jeff showing off what "Kynli" made.

Sean and Ly with her house!
Then it was off to see Santa which turned out to be an epic FAIL for Lyla. They had a bunch of people dressed in character costumes and they freaked Lyla out. So by the time she saw Santa, she wanted nothing to do with him.

The girls. They've started giving hugs and this is how they do it. Too sweet!
Santa and Kynli
Then we headed down to watch the parade. It was stinkn' cold, folks. Like freezing.

Lyla all bundled up!
Shannon and I freezing our tushes off!

Sean and Ly watching the parade.

The end! After that we enjoyed some homemade potato soup that Shannon made. Delish! Thanks for a good night, Schneider clan!

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