December 16, 2010

The goods...

The initial shock of finding out we are pregnant is starting to wear off. Now, its about the planning! :) Oh, I love planning!

I'm 6 weeks 2 days today. And....symptom free so far. I'm tired, but I'm always tired so really that isn't anything new. I made my appt and it is set for Jan 11th. So looking forward to it and looking forward to hopefully hearing a heartbeat. I'm such a worry wart of something things and pregnancy is one of them. I keep thinking something is going to happen or go wrong. Which is NOT the attitude to have. I need to trust that everything will be fine. And it will...

As of right now my due date is 8.9.11. It's be a fun date if he/she actually came on that day. And the he/she part....yes we will be finding out. I'm already thinking in my head that it'll be around the end of March. And yes, again, I have looked to the wise chinese people, and the calendar predicts girl again! Squeal!!! :) I'll be thrilled with a happy, healthy baby boy or girl. But the thought of a girl makes me super excited!! I'd love for Miss Lyla is have a little sister! But a brother for her would be perfect too!

I'll blog next with the story of how I found out and how I told our families! You'll probably get a kick out of how I found out! :)

Praying for a healthy baby!
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