December 5, 2010


The tree is up! Actually it was up on Monday, but this post is a bit late!

There may or may not have been an argument when it came to putting on the lights. More lights= great. Someone didn't see eye to eye with that one on me. But don't worry, I won! ;)
Lyla was a big getting into everything! But she has done really well leaving the tree alone since.

Sean and I both have different opinions on Christmas trees. I for one, can not wait until we have a bigger house that we can have 2 trees. I like colorful, modern, crazy trees while Sean like the traditional ones. This battle I did not win. Well, I kinda won since Lyla's tree is a crazy fun tree...But I don't have a picture of that yet.

Um, again. She looks like a boy! Oi!

And that was the night. Sean had put up the lights outside a few weeks ago, so we are set! Ho, Ho, Ho. Today we are doing the Hays Frostfest parade. Only 20 days til Christmas!

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