December 26, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Since Sean and I have first been together, we had our own tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve morning. We have done that every year we have been together. Next year we are starting a new tradition of being home on Christmas morning to open our gifts and the gifts from Santa.

The night before Christmas Eve, Sean and I finally finished up our wrapping. I was Miss Slackarific when it came to Christmas this year. No motivation to do much. We also put together Miss Thang's Laugh and Learn Home for her. Actually, we didn't put it together, I did. And I'm pretty impressed with my screw driving skills! :)

We got up around 8 when we first her Lyla fussing a bit so that we could get the camera set up to video her expression when she saw her presents. Sean didn't think she's make a fuss over anything, but she did. She let out the cutest little squeal! She did really well with opening the gifts as long as we got them started.

Santa brought her the home, a bunch of books, the farm magnetic sound machine for the fridge, KU boots, and Pj's.

Then Sean and I opening out presents. I got him the Garmin forerunner for his new found hobby of running along with some accessories for that. He also got a new North Face stocking cap and Lyla got him a new game for his Xbox.

Sean got me the Silhouette craft machine and accessories for that along with 2 devotionals and my favorite gift of the season....a Steeler Slanket. This blanket is like heaven. Slankets are similar to the snuggies but a little thicker. I love, love, love it!

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