December 16, 2010

PSA:Extended Rear facing

One of the things I researched while pregnant with Lyla (and trust, I researched A LOT!) was extended rear facing. This is one thing I knew I wanted to do no matter what. Now, at 16 months, she is still rear-facing and will be til at least 2. I'm in no hurry to turn her around. We have the GracoMyRide 65 and a Britax Decathlon which both are rear-facing til 35 lbs. Now that Lyla is here, it was a much easier decision and really didn't need any researching. All the info about it states that it is safe and not one reliable source says that it isn't. Just the fact that is says it is safer has me sold. And I wish it had everyone else sold, as well. It really saddens me when I know a baby isn't 20 lbs or a year and they are already forwards facing. If parents feel the need to turn them forward at a year then make sure it is 20 lbs AND 1 year! But doesn't the thought of your baby being safer make you want to keep them rear-facing longer?

Here is a video and article about it! (Just click)

And another... (Just click)

This is just my opinion(and the opinion of other ERFing moms) but hopefully it gives someone more info on the subject!
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