December 16, 2010

Lyla {16 months}

Oh.My. Really? 16 months. Today I was thinking about the day I had her and it really doesn't seem all that long ago.

So what are you up to these days?

-You sure love that suck on it constantly.
-You weigh about 20 1/2 lbs and are just about 30 inches tall.
-You are still in size 12 months but I have moved you up to 18 months with some things, esp shirts. You have a big belly, dear!
- Still a great sleeper and have gotten rid of your morning nap now. 12 hours at night, though, now you've started crying once we lay you down and walk out of the room. Doesn't last long, though.
- Still size 3 diapers but in cloth 98% of the time.
- Size 3-4 shoe.
- Whenever football or basketball is on TV you start cheering and put your hands up in the air.

- You are normally a great eater and will eat constantly if we allow it.
- You love, love banana's, cheese, yogurt, sloppy joes, sweet potato fries & fruit snacks. You hardly ever turn down food.
- You still love to blow kisses and say hi to everyone. However, stranger anxiety is at an all time high. Not many people can hold or play with you if you are out of your element or if your mama is around.
-You have no problem getting dressed and like to help us get your clothes on. {Arm through shirts, lifts foot for socks and shoes.} You also like to put your jacket on and try to do it by yourself.

- You and Reese are still bff's. You love to pull her hair, hit her with books, poke her eyes, or play with her teeth. And you love her kisses. You will walk over to her and open your mouth so she'll lick you. Gross, dear.
- You still love to dance and if you hear music you'll start moving.
- When we ask you if you want something, you do this little Chinese head nod mixed with flapping arms. Pretty dang cute.

- You carry around books constantly. But your attention span with reading one doesn't last long at all. Your favorite right now if you Little People Zoo flap book.

-Still don't have much of a vocabulary, but you say hi, bye, puppy, thank you, mama, mommy,dada regularly. We ask you to repeat things and most of the time you try really hard. A few things we can make out {down, duck, papa, get down, no, yes). You can sign more and please.
- The only animal sound you know is that of a monkey!
- You never crawl anymore and can get up without pulling up on something.
-Love your baths and hate to get out. You've also will blow bubbles in the water too.

Happy {16} months, sweet girl! I can't believe in 2 months you'll be 18 months already! Time is going way to fast!!

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