December 19, 2010


I'm in total bah-humbug mode this Christmas. I have no Christmas spirit in me. Sean is actually much more full of holiday cheer.

I wish I was full of holiday cheer because I normally am! So this is totally out of whack for me. I didn't make treats for the neighbors (sorry, neighbors) and I just finished up my Christmas shopping. I still have a few things to make and hopefully I get around to that too!

Other than that, life hasn't been to exciting for us. Lyla and I spent time in GB with my fam and Kevin and Kelci came by for a quick stop. Today we went to church, then I had a photo session and then it was nap time (for me! :) ). And now, after Lyla goes to bed, we are going to watch a movie and finish wrapping presents!

Lazy daisy, are we! :) Maybe next time I'll post something a little more exciting!
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